Cabin Rentals


Year-Round Cabin Rentals


We are excited to announce Year-Round Cabin rentals will soon be available!

Need a place to stay right on the lake during the summer or winter?

  We have your solution so that you can enjoy the beauty of Big Lake AK in summer or winter.

In the summer you will be able to rent a beautiful cabin on Big Lake AK so that after a long day on the lake with one of our magnificent watercraft vehicles you do not have to drive anywhere! If you come in the winter you will be able to enjoy the enjoy ice-fishing on the lake, snowmobiling, dog mushing, and world-renowned cross country skiing!

We will even have a mobile sauna that you can rent and have delivered to your cabin after a long day on the lake or in the snow!

**Our cabins and sauna are under construction and will be ready for the 2021 season, call now to reserve your time at 907-947-9601.