20 Foot Pontoon Boat with Bimini Cover

2014 Pontoon Boat

• 20 Foot  
• 7′ Bimini Cover 
• Double Pontoon 
• 60 hp 
• 9-10 people  (1350lbs) 
• $350 up to 4 hrs 
• $450 up to 8 hrs
• Additional hours available
• Overnight Available

Get lost in the beauty of Big Lake, Alaska, with watercraft rentals from Big Lake Boat Rentals. We offer large decks and spacious seating, our pontoon boats create endless opportunities for good times on the waterways. Their design maximizes space, while their slow-paced, meandering nature allows for easy entertaining and socializing.

An additional recreational water activity you can share with friends and family is fishing. The lake is home to numerous types of fish such as:

Burbot | Dolly Varden | Pike | Rainbow Trout | Red Salmon (Sockeye) | Silver Salmon (Coho)

5+% Convenience Fee

Security Deposit

* $1,000+ security deposit is required on the day of rental. Deposit will be refunded upon return, provided no damages have occurred.

Rental Times Begin:

10:00 a.m.

Overnight rentals are available for additional fees, contact for scheduling, and rate information.

Call us now to reserve your watercraft at 907-947-9601 for immediate assistance.