Tubing Rentals

Tubing is an exhilarating way to have fun on the water. Included in the rental is a tube, towline, and life jackets.

Pull Behind Tubes


  • 1hr-10 hr       $55
    • With boat rental
  • 1hr-8 hr          $80    
    • With additional hours available at $10 per hour $500+ Security deposit no boat rental required.


  • 2 day x $55
  • 3 day x $55
  • 4 day x $55
  • 5 day x $55
  • 6 day x $55
  • 7 day x $55


  • Tube rentals include a tow rope
  • Two and three-person tube is great for kids and adults that want a tubing experience. 

Single Person Float Tube


  • 1 hr       $35
  • 2 hr       $49
  • 3 hr       $59
  • 4 hr       $69
  • 5-8 hr   $89
  • 10 hr    $99


  • Mesh bottoms
  • Cup holders
  • Two heavy-duty handles
  • Safety rope that connects to other tubes easily.
  • Connect several tubes and float with friends!

Fee’s, Discount’s & Deposit’s

5%+ Convenience Fee

10% Military Discount (cannot use with multi-day rentals as the discount is already included)

* $50+ security deposit is required on the day of rental. The deposit will be refunded upon return, provided no damages have occurred.

Important Information

Rental times begin at 10:00 a.m.

Must arrive 30-40 minutes before your departure time for paperwork, safety instructions, etc.  Your return time cannot be adjusted as there may already be another reservation for said watercraft.

  • Please read our RENTAL POLICY before reserving a watercraft.
  • Full Payment is required at time of reservation.  No refunds.
  • Watercraft may require a Security Deposit on the day of rental. Deposits act as a ‘hold’ on your credit card, see RENTAL POLICY.
  • All rates, equipment, and other information are subject to change. Price does not include the cost of gas used. “Gas used” will be charged at gas dock rate.
  • Boats rated for 10 people mean each person is no more than 150lbs. For example, 9 adults would fit comfortably.

Call us now to reserve your watercraft at 907-947-9601 for immediate assistance.