Paddle Boards

Big Lake, the largest lake in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley is a popular recreation area for boating, waterskiing, fishing, and camping. The lake has a max depth of 89′ and is over five miles long with connecting channels to two more lakes (Mirror Lake and Flat Lake) to the west. It is nearly two miles across at its widest point and has 22 islands.

Paddle Boards, Knee Boards & Zup Boards

Seating Capacity


Person Capacity



Boat Length



Boat Weight



Paddle Boards, Knee Boards & Zup Boards


  • 1 hr     $35
  • 2 hr     $49
  • 3 hr     $59
  • 4 hr     $69
  • 8 hr     $89
  • 10 hr   $99


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Anti-slip cushioned deck pad
  • Sturdy Durashell composite
  • Oversized EPS Foam core
  • Tri-fin design
  • 11′ 8″ Paddle Boards
  • Adjustable paddle length 
  • #1 in durability & performance

Fee’s, Discount’s & Deposit’s

5%+ Convenience Fee

10% Military Discount (cannot use with multi-day rentals as the discount is already included)

* $500+ security deposit is required on the day of rental, $1000+ for Paddle Boards. The deposit will be refunded upon return, provided no damages have occurred.

Important Information

Rental times begin at 10:00 a.m.

Must arrive 30-40 minutes before your departure time for paperwork, safety instructions, etc.  Your return time cannot be adjusted as there may already be another reservation for said watercraft.

  • Please read our RENTAL POLICY before reserving a watercraft.
  • Full Payment is required at time of reservation.  No refunds.
  • Watercraft may require a Security Deposit on the day of rental. Deposits act as a ‘hold’ on your credit card, see RENTAL POLICY.
  • All rates, equipment, and other information are subject to change. Price does not include the cost of gas used. “Gas used” will be charged at gas dock rate.
  • Boats rated for 10 people mean each person is no more than 150lbs. For example, 9 adults would fit comfortably.

Call us now to reserve your watercraft at 907-947-9601 for immediate assistance.